headphonesymbol50Links to additional podcast radio interviews can also be found in individual articles.

Kanché and Puerta Verde: A Role Model for Alternative, Grassroots, and Indigenous Travel, with Jesús Mesa del Castillo Bermejo

The Aerodynamic and Eclectic Mind of Kurt Jahr: Pilot, Social Commentator, and Webmaster

The Political Persuasion of Dani Saad: A Canadian Student of Political Science

A Physiotherapist’s Tips for Travellers

NASCAR: The Engine of Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Niche Golf … and Other Delights at Diamond in the Ruff

Michael Flanigan: A Nova Scotian in Korea

The Incredible Lightness of Being at an Eco-lodge in Algonquin Park

The Artistic Journey of Richard Boswell

Heritage Homes, Local History and Oreo Cookies

The Concentric Worlds of Travel and Engineering

On the Road Again with Bonnie and Bill … Through Grassroots America

Alanna Cluff’s Medical-Volunteer Experience in Northern India

Travelling the Via Alpina with Brandon Wilson

The African-Canadian Experience in the Province of Ontario … and CARIBANA!

The Fine Art of Permaculture

A Great Yukon River Journey, with Chris Vetterlein

Cultural Convergence and African-American Heritage in Missouri, with Bijan Bayne

The Cherokee Nation: Entrepreneurship in the Native-American Community

The Regenerative Cause and Effect of Oxnard, California

Experiential, Grassroots, and Frontier Travel in the Canadian and American West with Tony Daly of Ranch Rider

Vélo Québec: Cyclotourism via La Route Verte, with Patrick Howe

The Lessons of the Maya, with Bijan Bayne

The Lessons of Cancun with Bijan Bayne

Spirit and Inspiration in Tartu, Estonia with Karin Jaanson, Deputy Mayor of Tartu

Zen Skiing at Sun Peaks, with Senator Nancy Greene

The Fine Art of Cross-Country Skiing in British Columbia’s Thompson Country, with Dwayne Geiger

The Grasslands Challenge of British Columbia, with Bruno Delesalle

Mike Puhallo: Cowboy Poet, Storyteller, and History Buff

Context and Culture in Kamloops, British Columbia, with Lee Morris, CEO of Tourism Kamloops

A World of Gross Domestic Happiness and Boundless Journeys, with Matt Holmes

Talking to Roy: the Florida Radio Guy

Smart Growth Tourism on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, with Bonnie Neely

Getting Engaged in Plains, Georgia, with Ranger Steve

The Slovenia Tourist Farms: Integrated, Authentic, and Land-based Tourism, with Vesna Čuček, Head of the Agriculture Advisory Service Department, Slovenia

Climate Change and Travel and Tourism: A Changing World

Culture, with Dr. Tanja Mihalič, Professor of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Lubljana

Climate Change and Travel and Tourism: A New Approach to Thinking, with Dr. Lučka-Kajfež Bogataj, Professor at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana

Climate Change and Travel and Tourism: The United Nations World Tourism Organization Perspective, with Marcelo Risi, UNWTO Media Relations Officer

The Eternal Prague Spring, with Richard Krpac, Consul General of the Czech Republic, Toronto

Retirement and Long-term Stays in Costa Rica, with David McGuire

Bonnie and Bill Neely’s Excellent Adventure in China

Wanderlust: A Social History of Travel, with Laura Byrne-Paquet

Race Car Driving and The Speedway: A Family Affair, with Bonnie Neely

Zen and the Art of Muskoka Wooden Boats, with Ron Sclater of the Muskoka Steamship and Historical Society

Ryker Lomas: A Globetrotting Travel Photojournalist

The Traveller as Cultural Anthropologist, with Julia Bayly

Sports Travel With Bijan Bayne: Unique Destinations for Fans, and Sport as Metaphor

Grosse Île: The Human Drama of 19th-Century Canadian Immigration, with Philippe Gauthier

Kenya, African Hip Hop, and Viv McCarthy

The Day Nova Scotia Sailed Into Toronto Harbour

Adventure Travel Media Source: Promoting Adventure Travel, with Nancy Harrison

Along the Templar Trail: Brandon Wilson’s Journey of Peace

Sports Tourism: The Hampton, Virginia Model, with Chris Smith

Michael McCallie: Arkansas Ambassador and Good Ol’ Boy

Lyuboslav Ilev: A Bulgarian Free Spirit

Jeroen Bechtold: A Dutch Ceramist in China, Australia … and Red  Deer!

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art: The Resilience of Culture in the American South

Love in Slovenia: Europe’s Genial Boutique Nation, with Deputy Director General of the Slovenia Tourist Board Dejan Podgorsek

A Restoration Project in Altamura, Italy, with Stephanie Moreland

Exploring the World of Indigenous Peoples, with Graham Simmons

Montpellier, France: Paris Without the Pressure, with Susan Wallis

Art and the Eye of the Beholder, with Richard Boswell

The Engaging World of Voluntourism, with Joyce Major

The Genius of Glenn Gould at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

The New Interconnected, Electronic, and Sustainable World of Travel Public Relations, with Siobhan Kindness

Le Cheval Canadien: A Historic, Cultural, and Genetic Legacy, with Michel Joly

John Harlin’s Eiger Obsession

Norman Bethune: A Doctor Without Borders, with Colin Old

Durham, England: A New, Content-rich Travel Hub in the UK, with Stan Abbott

A French Château in North East England, with Howard Coutts

The Universal Art of Flower Design, with Judith Blacklock

The Craft of Public Relations in the Travel Business With Georgia Turner

Historic Washington State Park, Arkansas With John Morrow, Interpreter

How We Do a

Philosophical Traveller Podcast


The real thing

Each of the segments is a dialogue that focuses on grassroots themes and issues.

And, like “old-time” radio, these podcasts use the immediacy of the human voice to communicate meaningful information to anyone anywhere in the world who has an interest in travel.

Here’s how we do it.

1. Sometimes we record interviews on the spot when we are visiting a destination. Often, however, we record them through the Internet using the software Skype.

This very popular software is totally free, very user-friendly, and allows anyone with a computer to talk at no charge to anyone else in the world.

Skype also has a recording software package called Pamela, and this is what we use when recording a segment.

2. As a podcast guest, all you have to do is download a recent version of the Skype software and purchase an inexpensive headset with a built-in microphone like the one you see on this page.

When you are setting up Skype, you will be asked to create a brief profile and to choose a Skype name.

3. In order to record a Skype dialogue with Bob Fisher, you must do the following:

(a) Search my Skype name (robefish) using the “Search for Skype Users” link in the Contacts list. By entering robefish and Canada from the drop down menu, this should come up easily.

(b) When you find robefish, you then click on “Add Skype Contact”. This sends a request to me asking that I add you to my Contacts list.

4. When using Skype you must make sure that you are online. You do this by clicking on FILE and choosing CHANGE ONLINE STATUS and AVAILABLE.

When you are not using Skype we recommend that you set your status to one of the other indicators such as UNAVAILABLE, AWAY, or DO NOT DISTURB.

5. On the day of recording a podcast segment, it is important to select AVAILABLE shortly before the mutually agreed upon day and time. I then “Skype” you.

6. Initially we do a sound check and chat for a few minutes. I then inform you that I will be starting the recording software and you will hear “This call is being recorded.”

We then just have a chat about the topic.

7. Because I do a post-recording audio edit of the chat, in which I can remove unwanted noise, my ums and ahs, and can enhance the sound if necessary, there is no pressure during recording to “say it right” the first time. If either of us doesn’t like the way we have just said something, we simply say, “I’m going to say that again.” I then edit out the extraneous sound.

8. Often I send my guest a pre-segment overview of themes and issues that I would like to chat about. Often I also script the opening and closing.

9. When the segment is broadcast on The Philosophical Traveller, I can then send you an mp3 file of the segment for your own purposes.
And that’s about it.

See also…

The Human Voice in Cyberspace: Enriching Virtual Communities

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