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“Bob Fisher has elevated travel journalism to an art form. His blog The Philosophical Traveler is the standard by which all other travel writing should be judged.”Graham Simmons, Member of the Australian group The Global Travel Writers

“While there are many travel sites, few question ‘why’ we travel. Bob Fisher’s website explores the philosophy, ‘We travel to explore the diversity of human society; and in so doing discover the commonality.’ For a probing look at his and others’ journeys, pay a visit here.” — Brandon Wilson, Pilgrim’s Tales Publishing

“Your introspective writing about exploring different people, their cultures and homes and why any of it ought to matter, has been a joy to read. As someone who makes a living searching out and analyzing travel and travel related sites for a living, honest and heartfelt travel writing is harder and harder to come by!” — Michael Brazile,

“Bob Fisher is the journalist and travel writer I most admire because of his thorough research far and wide & his fascinating way of writing.” — Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

Columnist in the inflight magazine of UK-based Eastern Airways


As a columnist for this in-flight magazine, I have contributed a number of in-depth full page articles primarily about North American cultural and historic themes and issues.

Eastern Airways is is a major regional airline that operates out of the booming (North Sea Oil) tourism region of North East England. It also flies to Norway. Many of its passengers are international business clients; so I am able to reach a wide and diverse market.

As you will see below, I have promoted specific destinations that I have written about and visited myself; destinations which in my opinion provide in-depth and content-rich travel experiences.


Other freelance

As a freelance travel journalist, I have also contributed to a number of prominent media outlets such as Dreamscapes magazine and FranceGuide (the official website and magazine of the French Tourist Office).

Columnist in the monthly newsletter of The World Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers (FIJET)

As a member of this international organization, I write in-depth columns. The newsletter goes out to more than 600 journalists in over 35 countries and on five continents.

Many of the FIJET members hold influential positions in the travel and tourism industry in their home countries. My monthly column focuses on issues that transcend national borders.

In addition, I attend the annual Congresses (e.g. Czech Republic, Slovenia,  Cairo, Shanghai) and am in a position to network with my colleagues and to share recommended destinations and stories.

I also contribute a monthly column to TravelJourno, the U.S.-Canada affiliate organization of FIJET.

For an example, see:

The Chinese Diaspora: A Brief Look at the Power of Culture

I have been a frequent contributor to JS-IA, a news and current affairs show featuring Jefferson Sackey. Jefferson’s prime time show is broadcast on Sundays from Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa, and is also broadcast to other African countries.

I also am now guest blogging for the Global Travel Writers, an Australian consortium of travel journalists whose collective work is both content-rich and in-depth. Their articles represent some of the most meaningful travel writing to be found on this planet.

Radio interview guest

As a frequent guest on Sunday Travel Radio with host Roy Lowey (WTMY am 1280, Sarasota, Florida, an important niche market in southwest Florida), from time to time, I engage in a dialogue with Roy about destinations I have visited and what makes them special in the world of travel and tourism.

beestitleAs a freelance travel journalist, I have published in numerous travel and travel-related outlets: print and electronic.

Recognized as an accomplished “wordsmith,” I am known for my ability to contribute directly and exponentially to “the bottom line” of many large, medium, and small communities throughout the world in which effective storytelling is an essential part of the community’s economic engine.

I believe that the essence of effective storytelling is imaginative identification; and that a visit to a “content-rich” destination, whether for business or pleasure, should resonate with the reader on a personal level and bring some degree of enlightenment.

My style of writing is considered highly literate. It also emphasizes the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things;  and explores the fundamental social realities in the global human community.

Publications to which I have contributed include: Fifty Plus; Dreamscapes; MotorCoach Magazine; Fusion: A Magazine For Clay and Glass; Bearskin Airlines; Practical Family History; Golf Business Canada; and numerous newspapers and other electronic media outlets.

Arts Travel:

a specialty of mine

See: Arts Travel

Visit my personal website at

Travel and tourism is a global 7 trillion dollar industry; and one of the most interconnected and interdependent industries on the planet. It is also one of the industries that benefits most from electronic marketing.

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