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What’s a blog?

Well I suppose this is.

As virtual public forums, blogs have the potential ─ at the best of times ─ for disseminating information or even presenting some critical analysis in an intelligent and thoughtful manner.

A global reach

I doubt that a blog is a totally original social phenomenon other than for the fact that millions of us can now share our experiences, observations, interpretations, and insights with just about anyone in the world.

In terms of providing direct access to unfiltered information and engendering a grassroots intercultural dialogue, blogging can certainly serve a useful purpose. But as always, it is a case of caveat lector; one must remember that a blog is a point of view.

Even Julius Caesar, I suppose, was a kind of blogger when he wrote his Commentaries after a hard day’s work of empire-building. And how many personal journals of international figures have served a similar purpose?

Travel themes and issues

In the travel and tourism industry, which is considered by many to be the largest industry on the planet, there are significant (often critical) themes and issues that have a direct impact on the local economy, the consumer, and on the industry itself.

Travel journalists are fortunate in that they often get an inside look at how the industry operates and why “the world of travel” is far more than a holiday or a business trip.

We are also privileged to be part of a global public relations network and receive the latest promotional information on destinations. From time to time therefore, some of the commentaries on The Philosophical Traveller website have media releases embedded in them which may give you information about content-rich destinations, especially in terms of historical and heritage travel.

So… keep those media releases coming. You can email me at

And finally, these commentaries are intended to give some additional perspective on the world of travel, and perhaps even provoke discussion while providing some insider information.



  1. I love this blog, I’ll be recommending it to friends

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