Posted by: Bob Fisher | June 10, 2013

Citizen Cow: a Very Special Breed of French Cattle

Far from the madding crowd

The Auvergne in central France is a destination-within-a-destination where you experience peace of mind, gastronomic pleasures, and a common sense way of life.

This article of mine was recently published in FranceGuide Prestige, the magazine of the Tourism Department of France.

Here is an excerpt:

“Dramatic and benevolent landscapes shape human culture; often internalizing grassroots values and humanist principles. This is the essence of the Auvergne, a topographically, agriculturally and discrete region of France ‒ where people and exceptional food are elemental.

Here in the geographic centre of France ‒ and in many ways its heartland ‒ you will find yourself immersed in the “far from the madding crowd” Massif Central, a refuge of extraordinary natural beauty, stunning panoramas, ancient granite and crystalline rock ‒ and over 80 dormant volcanoes.

A land of ancient pilgrimage routes, crater lakes, hot springs, centuries of French history and heritage, Romanesque churches, medieval castles and Renaissance palaces, life here is harmonious and interconnected.

Known for its heritage of gastronomy and culinary arts, the Auvergne gives a new depth of meaning to the “slow food movement”; while at the same time providing the enlightened traveller with a cornucopia of nature-based activities.”

1. To read the full electronic version of the article “Citizen Cow”, you can also click here.

2. To read the electronic version of the magazine itself, click here and choose your country of origin.

3. To learn more about this extraordinary breed of cattle, visit the official website of The Salers.

4. Visit also The Salers Association.

5. To visit the Canadian Association of Salers Breeders, click here.

6. To visit the American Association of Salers Breeders, click here.

7. To visit the British Association of Salers Breeders, click here.

8. To find other breeder associations outside France just Google Salers + breeders.

9. See also Farm Animal Genetic Resource Conservation and Rare Breeds Canada.

10. A documentary and very heart-warming film about the Auvergne, which has already become a classic, is Être et Avoir (To Be and to Have). I highly recommend the film as a “preamble” to a visit to this amazing region of France. This award-winning film is available from a number of sources.

To view a marketing video of The Salers from the Alberta, Canada Association , click here.

Other images of the Salers and the Auvergne

All photos courtesy of and copyright of

The Auvergne Tourism Department


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