Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 15, 2012

Peace, Travel, and Collaborative Global Marketing

Visionaries in the Global Travel Tourism Industry

The global travel and tourism industry is the largest on the planet. But there are some people who understood better than others the far-reaching implications of our need to see beyond the immediate; to see the “interconnectedness and interdependence of all things.”

Such an individual was Ed Beauchamp.

The following is from a media release by The International Institute for Peace Through Tourism

Edward L. Beauchamp (Ed), Founder of the World Tourism Foundation died peacefully at his home in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA this past month at the young age of 62.

The non-profit World Tourism Foundation (WTF) and the for-profit World Tourism Network (WTN) were created BY the industry FOR the industry – together building a globally shared brand for the travel and tourism industry, much like VISA did for the credit card industry. Ed believed that the world’s largest industry revolves around the smallest destination. His vision was for the World Tourism Foundation icon to be seen on both Destination and NGO websites around the world. With one click on it, consumers would be able to navigate a full range of supplier choices and build a complete itinerary in a secure and trusted environment.

Louis D’Amore, president and founder of IIPT stated:

“Ed Beauchamp had a great vision for tourism and the world – a vision which found expression through the World Tourism Foundation to which he devoted the last one third of his life. The greatest tribute that can be made to Ed by those who knew him and believed in his vision, is to continue supporting his wife and partner in WTF, Cj Duffy in realizing Ed’s dream for the World Tourism Foundation.”

Ed’s vision was for a “Doing Well – and Doing Good” business model with industry stakeholders from all levels, of every sector, of every country sharing in its ownership. He believed that such an ownership model was well positioned for the physical, economic, and social changes currently taking place in the world.

Suppliers would have substantially lower distribution costs through the for profit World Tourism Network – with revenues from transactional fees shared with the non-profit World Tourism Foundation to be distributed through grants towards poverty reduction, environment, climate change, education and more.

Publisher of the World Tourism Directory, Burkhard Herbote said,

“In our many discussions, Ed talked about WTF plans for education, creating jobs and reducing poverty, sustainability, environment and climate projects, renewable energy, youth exchanges in areas of conflict, and more i.e.”Peace Through Tourism”.

eTN Publisher and ICTP chairman Juergen Thomas Steinmetz said: “Ed inspired many with his passion for tourism. I was pleased to serve on his board as a founding trustee. Ed’s support and guidance will be missed.”

Max Haberstroh, International Tourism Consultant commented,”

Ed’s passing away has shocked us all. We have lost an extraordinary personality, a visionary with mind, heart and soul. Many of us can say we have lost a friend.”

Zeal Greenberg, Chairman and Co-Founder, World Development Endowment Foundation said,

“Ed’s great spirit will always be with us. I cherish the countless conversations and creative sessions we had.”

Agha Iqrar Haroon, Founder and President of The Region Initiative (TRI) expressed his condolences for a person for whom he had a “soul connection.”

He added:

“TRI is honored to announce an Edward L. Beauchamp Ecotourism Scholarship to be granted to the best student of tourism in South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.”

Ed was fond of quoting his wife and partner in WTF – WTN:

“Tourism provides the only remaining realistic path to peace!”

Photos by Bob Fisher

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