Posted by: Bob Fisher | August 1, 2010

Welcome to the Summer 2010 Newsletter from The Philosophical Traveller

We travel to explore the diversity of the human experience; and in so doing we discover the commonality.

Welcome to the Summer 2010 Newsletter


The Philosophical Traveller

For your edification and armchair travelling, you will find below links to a selection of recent travel stories.


“China Then and Now”

As China continues to emerge as a world power – culturally, politically, and economically – this story looks at the past and the present of the most populous nation on the planet.

“The Chinese Diaspora: A Brief Look at the Power of Culture”

One should never underestimate the power of culture.


“Among the Whales in Québec Maritime”

The mighty St. Lawrence River is an endless opportunity to gain a new appreciation of water-based travel and other marine resources.

“The Siksika Nation of Alberta: Self-determination, Cultural Affirmation, Land, and Time

The Siksika (Blackfoot) nation of Alberta is, in many ways, the narrative of Canada’s westward expansion.

Arts Travel

“The Virtual and Other Realities of Jeroen Bechtold”

A true iconoclast, Jeroen is also an artist whose work is timeless and, in many ways, out of time.

“The Spatial Sense and Sensibility of Mexican Architect Ricardo Legorreta“

This world-renowned Mexican architect is especially well-known for his sense of space and of place.

History and Heritage

“Cultural Convergence and African-American Heritage in Missouri“

As we learned in Missouri, travel is indeed the most experiential form of learning

“Calling All History and Heritage Aficionados”

The “democratization” of the travel and tourism industry is enhanced by individuals like Colin Old.

The Caribbean

“Multidimensional Martinique: Where Landscape Shapes Culture”

Self-determination and self-affirmation are universal concepts in Martinique.

“A Walk Through the Creole Gardens of Martinique”

In Martinique the practice of preserving natural resources is both pure pragmatism as well as an art form.


“The Fine Art of Permaculture”

Human “culture” began with the land and the sea.

“The Slovenia Tourist Farms: Integrated, Authentic, and Land-based Tourism”

This association epitomizes alternative and grassroots travel.


“The African-Canadian Experience in the Province of Ontario … and CARIBANA!”

Canada as a multicultural nation has always been a reality since the nation’s early days.

Kanché and Puerta Verde: A Role Model for Alternative, Grassroots, and Indigenous Travel, with Jesús Mesa del Castillo Bermejo”

Kanché and Puerta verde are role models for a renewed approach to travel.

“The Grasslands Challenge of British Columbia”

Responsible and enlightened travel are key themes in this podcast.

Travel Commentaries

“The Many Faces of Alternative Tourism”

Consumers are increasingly choosing more participatory forms of travel.

“The Parallel Cultures of News and Travel Journalism”

In a global culture that is increasingly media-wise, travellers can read between the lines.

Philosophical Travel

“On the Zen Road Again”

Some travel experiences prove that you can go home again.

“Cultural Emergency Response: Preserving Human Heritage”

The preservation of human culture in all its forms is the prime objective of this organization.

The Business of Travel

“A Local Canadian Initiative … on a National Level”

In the travel and tourism industry, the local community is always the “bottom line”.

“The Cherokee Nation: Entrepreneurship in the Native-American Community”

This is a story that is more than just marketing.

Photo Essays

“Architectural Travel: Montréal à la mode“

Cities like Montréal give a whole new meaning to “value-added”.

“Images and Imagery in Martinique”

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder; but the ability to really “see” is a complex and rewarding human trait.

“While there are many travel sites, few question ‘why’ we travel. Bob Fisher’s website explores the philosophy, ‘We travel to explore the diversity of human society; and in so doing discover the commonality.’ For a probing look at his and others’ journeys, pay a visit here.” — Brandon Wilson, Pilgrim’s Tales Publishing

“Your introspective writing about exploring different people, their cultures and homes and why any of it ought to matter, has been a joy to read. As someone who makes a living searching out and analyzing travel and travel related sites for a living, honest and heartfelt travel writing is harder and harder to come by!” — Michael Brazile,



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