Posted by: Bob Fisher | November 17, 2009

My Downunder Journalist Friends The Global Travel Writers

Global Travel Writers
The far north of Planet Earth has always seemed forbidding. But in this age of global warming, maybe those melting northern glaciers will h! ave a “trickle-down” effect. So get to the north before it becomes south!For your other travel editorial needs, search our database now!

Northern ExposureSanta's helpers
Glenn A Baker, currently recovering from open-heart surgery, is entranced by Santa’s helpers in Lappland. And Glenn – from all of us, get well soon!
The GTW Team
Fiona Harper
Glenn A. Baker
Graham Simmons
Karen Halabi
Paul Dymond
Philip Game
Sally Hammond
Sheriden Rhodes
Thomas E. King
Tricia Welsh

Is Arctic warming unstoppable?
This question is posed by the respected journal New Scientist, in its sobering September 2009 article Has runaway Arctic warming already begun?. Whatever the truth, visitors to northern climes should now pack appropriately – not forgetting swimming costume and Kool-aid.


Thomas E King taks in the open air museum of Skansen, marvels at the early 17th century warship Vasa and cruises in style on the canals of Stylish Stockholm

Sally Hammond explores Cornwall , a place where the English language nearly falls off the map.
Fatucama Beach, East Timor Russia’s remote Kuril Islands are not a people place, says Philip Game. But they are like stepping stones between East and West.
ae bath SpaThermAll those jokes about the unwashed English are now passé. Sheriden Rhodes visits the ancient Roman city of Bath, where Bath-time has come in the form of the Thermae Bath Spa
Glaucous Gull on Magdalenenfjord The Svalbard Islands belonging to Norway, are so far north that they’re nearly off the planet, reports Graham Simmons.
Angel of the North<> Tricia Welsh touches base from the stylish northeastern England city of Newcastle, which has become one of the hottest places on the planet to visit (will global warming make it even hotter?)
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