Posted by: Bob Fisher | July 1, 2009

The Regenerative Cause and Effect of Oxnard, California


headphonesymbol50… with Bonnie Neely

Resource-based tourism

Increasingly human beings on the Planet Earth are becoming more and more aware of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life forms in what may be a limitless but fragile universe.

In many ways, the latter two concepts are also what the travel and tourism industry is all about, given the multiplicity of systems that make it happen. But in this business, it is important to note that there is no shortage of complex issues, problematic social values, and even crises.

There is also no shortage of bad news. But, as is the nature of journalism (and this includes some aspects of travel journalism), bad news often grabs the spotlight. Good news stories tend to be viewed as “soft news” and not quite as “urgent” nor as compelling as the negatives. And yet ultimately, it is the good news stories that are the most regenerative.riverridge

So when a good news story comes along, it is of course refreshing to report it. But like all news stories, the headline is only the beginning; the real story is complex, multifactored, and multidimensional. Rome indeed was not built in a day, nor did it decline as quickly even though, put in its proper perspective, it was certianly a major cultural collapse.

Environmentalists and ordinary citizens now know how quickly an ecosystem can collapse; and we are also increasingly aware of the intellectual energy and hands-on social commitment that is required to sustain any complex structure ─ or any community.

A case in point


Although many dedicated people in the travel and tourism industry strive to make this business self-sustaining, in the most constructive and exponential sense, it is a business that has subtle and intricate human elements. And this ultimately is what makes it viable.

And as you will hear Bonnie Neely report, Oxnard, California would appear to be a destination in which the principles of regeneration and sustainability have been carefully built in, but not without considerable effort, vision, and struggle.

And like all good news stories, Oxnard is a destination that has not succumbed to complacency nor ignored the lessons of the past.


To read Bonnie and Bill’s article on Oxnard, click here.



1. The Oxnard CVB

To visit the Oxnard Convention and Visitors Bureau, click here.

2. The Channel Islands

Oxnard is the point of departure for The Channel islands. These five islands comprise a U.S. National Park and marine reserve and are also home to a wealth of natural and cultural resources. Because of their relative isolation over thousands of years, the islands have also become home to unique animals, plants, and archeological resources.

To visit the Channel Islands, click here.

To see a map of the Channel Islands, click here.

To read a brief history of the Channel Islands, click here.

To learn more about the Channel islands, visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

3. California State University Channel Islands

Travel is lifelong learning. And the Channel islands are also home to the California State University Channel Islands, an interdisciplinary educational institution that, like Oxnard, emphasizes experiential and service learning and ethics.

To visit the university, click here.

4. The California Channel Islands Laboratory (the UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology)

This Laboratory is another excellent example of the importance of this region in archeological and anthropological terms.

To visit it, click here.

5.  Phytoplankton Bloom off California’s Channel Islands

This region of southern California is certainly not immune to environmental threats as this NASA Earth Observatory image indicates.

6. Kayaking in the Channel islands

If you are looking for soft adventure and green tourism, kayaking may be the way to go.

Aquasports is a travel supplier that you may wish to investigate.












Photographs courtesy of the Oxnard Convention and Visitors Bureau

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