Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 20, 2009

Lewiston, New York: An Historical and Heritage Destination

Many thanks from Travelosophy to Eva Niklaus of Lewiston, New York for this contribution to our Historical and Heritage Travel: Journeys Through Time series.


In Lewiston, New York, 6 miles north of Niagara Falls, we have a LOT to brag about. For example, the Lewiston Council on the Arts presents the “Marble Orchard Historic Walking Tours of Lewiston” AND the “Marble Orchard Ghost Walks”.

We bring history to life in a very entertaining and educational way by walking visitors through the Village and into the Village Cemetery (the Marble Orchard).

Marble Orchard Historic Walking Tours

Our Marble Orchard Walks are available by appointment for any age and group. Costumed guides combine historical fact with local legends and bring the past to life, tailoring the narration to fit the age and interest of the group. Participants leave with a greater understanding of Lewiston and the role it played in local history.

Here’s what some of our walkers had to say:

“A very creative way to bring history to life.”
“Very entertaining! Thanks for all the history and word origins.”
“Thank you for a captivating journey into the past.”

By appointment only. 10 person minimum for tour.

For information please call (716) 754-0166

And for more information on the Lewiston Council on the Arts, visit WWW.ARTCOUNCIL.ORG


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