Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 16, 2009

The Fine Art of Cross-Country Skiing in British Columbia’s Thompson Country

Dwayne Geiger

headphonesymbol50… Chatting with Dwayne Geiger

Methods and metaphor

Dwayne Geiger is a man for all seasons; figuratively and literally. He is also an educator and a caregiver in the most comprehensive sense of those terms. He is an environmentalist with a deep sense of the connection between the land and human society. Quite simply, he is someone who really gets it; understanding both cognitively and intuitively how our physical and social environments are interdependent with our wellness as individuals and as cultures.

He is also the quintessential outdoors enthusiast, especially in the fine art of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Dwayne is also typical of the kind of socially aware and tuned-in individual I had the good fortune to interact with in a gem of a travel destination called Kamloops, British Columbia. That’s in Canada eh?

Dwayne recently hosted me and a colleague at the Stake Lake Conservation area just 20 minutes from Kamloops where we were introduced to The Overlander Ski Club whose prime mission is “to promote and encourage recreational and competitive cross-country skiing at all levels and for all ages in the Thompson area of British Columbia.”

But from what I experienced, this is a club that is very values-oriented, in addition to being a group of like-minded and community-minded people who represent a social ethos that is experiencing renewal and regeneration throughout the world.

As a sport, cross-country skiing is also a lifestyle choice and a medium in which its dévotés affirm their belief in the wise and judicious interaction of human beings with the natural environment.


The Overlander Ski Club

Cross Country B.C., the sport governing body for cross-country skiing in British Columbia

Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley — the site of the cross-country, biathlon, Nordic combined and ski jumping events for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games: history and venues

Jackrabbit Johannsen, pioneer of the cross-country skiing world in North America



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