Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 15, 2009

For the Love of the Land and Learning in Atlantic Canada

From Travel Educators Sandra Phinney and Bob Fisher


There is a keen sense of watchfulness in Atlantic Canada; not a menacing vigilance by any means, but instead a mindfulness of how time, landscape, and history have shaped the expressive human culture of this very traveller-friendly region.

Four provinces comprise what is known as Atlantic Canada: Newfoundand and Labrador; Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island; and New Brunswick. And although each has its own distinct character and abundant sites, attractions, and community-based cultures, what all four have in common is a maritime sensibility and the Atlantic Ocean.

In a recent issue of Dreamscapes magazine, Sandra Phinney and Bob Fisher both published stories about specific areas within the region; and about the universal lessons that Atlantic Canada embodies.

In her article, Sandra focuses on Acadian country in Nova Scotia, and its culture and history; the well-known story as told by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his epic poem Evangeline.

In his article, Bob gives an overview of the geological context and history of western Newfoundland, especially Gros Morne, “the most beautiful fjord in the world.”

You can read these two articles by clicking on the links below:

“Explorations in Southwest Nova Scotia: Authentic Acadian Experiences”

“The Magic of Western Newfoundland: Where Myths and Legends Thrive”

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  1. Nice picture of my Husband’s dog Hirk at the Village a historic in Pubnico. Is it in the Dreamscape Magazine too? Can you send me a copy.
    thanks Mary a Leroy D’Entremont

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