Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 14, 2009

Sustainable Tourism: Lessons from Slovenia

Focus on Climate Change … in Slovenia

In October 2008, the World Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers (FIJET) held its annual World Congress in Slovenia. Climate Change was a focal issue of the event.

We are pleased to present the following podcasts as information sources, discussion starters, and for dialogue purposes for the general public.

1. The United Nations World Tourism Organization Perspective

2. A Changing World Culture

3. The St. Moritz Sustainable Model

4. A New Approach to Thinking and Acting

5. The Slovenia Tourist Farms: Integrated, Authentic, and Land-based Tourism


The International Ecotourism Society

The Sustainable Tourism Gateway

The Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism and Codes of Practice for the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise

Ecotourism Publications and Resources

Cultural sustainability

Slovenia is a nation that also sustains and supports its artists.

The Jararaja band was established in 2002, when its four acclaimed young musicians — “a melancholic violin player, a metal clarinet player, a rasta accordion player and a girl with the double bass, the strongest member” — started to play together focusing on traditional Slovene folk songs.

However they “aim not to restore music but rather to apply it as hedonistic extremism.” The phenomenon called Jararaja means all kinds of music variants — jazz, klezmer, balcan, tango or rock’n’roll — all of them based on folklore music.

The Jararaja Group has given many concerts around Slovenia as well as abroad (Helsinki, Berlin, Vienna and Dublin for the May 2004 EU enlargement celebrations).

Jararaja’s first CD appeared in January 2006.

The Jararaja line-up is comprised of Gregor Budal (clarinet), Vasilij Centrih (violin), Janez Dovč (accordion) and Petra Trobec (double bass), all of them also vocalists.

Visit the group’s website at

Listen to a sample of Jararaja’s music while viewing a brilliant Power Point Presentation of images from Slovenia.

See also…

Freedom of Movement Meets Sustainable Development, an editorial in the Slovenia Times


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