Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 14, 2009

Philosophical Travel Videos

It’s a multimedia world out there

Here is just a brief a sample of amateur videos from my travels.

The Moser Glass Factory (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic)

The Czech Republic is well-known for its glass; and its glass artists. One of the most famous companies is Moser located in the beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary in the region known as Bohemia. This visit to the factory was a very special privilege not normally afforded tourists because of the safety factors. Visit the Moser company’s beautiful website at:

Watch this video…

The Best Little Mardi Gras Parade in Louisiana

Houma, Louisiana, the gateway to America’s Wetland and the Mississipi Delta, is all about hometown culture, grassroots experiences, and “just folks.” While New Orleans, Rio de Janiero, and Québec City may have their much touted Mardi Gras celebrations and parades, there is nothing like the genuine, safe, and just slightly naughty Houma Mardi Gras parade. They’ve got the moves!

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Circus Arts: The Fibonacci Project

A new company in the style of the Cirque de Soleil, and also an international circus arts initiative The Fibonacci Project is brilliant. During a media call preview, I was privy to an acrobatic commentary on grace, beauty, spatial relationships, and the universal conflict between humans and their physical environment. For more information see

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The Best Pub in Estonia

It’s called the Gunpowder Cellar (see and is probably the funkiest and most historic “let the good times roll” venue in Europe. And the music, the dancing, the food, and the fun folks of the Estonian university city of Tartu make this the hottest night spot in Europe. The band was the best! Have you ever heard “Obadi, Obada” sung in Estonian? Me neither. So when you go to Estonia and Tartu, take your dancin’ shoes.

Watch this video…

The Solar Boat of Khufu at the Great Pyramid

On our last visit to the Pyramids of Giza (over a quarter of century ago), we had seen a recent excavation — a very large rectangular but empty pit — behind the Great Pyramid. Here in 1954, the dismantled funerary boat of Khufu had been unearthed. Today, there is a structure (appropriate in design and location fortunately) that contains the re-assembled boat. You pay an additional fee to enter and are required to wear soft-cloth “booties” over your shoes in the very carefully climate-controlled building. This papyriform shaped funerary boat, which would have borne the Pharaoh across the sky into eternity on the same journey as that of the Sun God Ra, is in miraculous condition.

Watch this video…

For more glimpses into some of the great destinations I have visited and written about, watch more videos on…

Yahoo Video


Google Video.



  1. Khufu Ship is a really incredible ship to be seen, it’s the oldest intact ship in the history that had built around 2500 BC.
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