Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 9, 2009

Zurich: A Unique and Alternative Airport Destination

The airport as destination and engineering wonder

Once simply entry and exit points, airports have become destinations unto themselves — and frequently are marketed as such.

This is especially true of Zurich Airport, which like other European airports is competing for business in a constantly evolving Europe and European Community. Travellers are also looking for alternative airport hubs that will give them direct and easy access to the heart of Europe.

Urs Brütsch is the Head of Marketing Communication of a company called Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG).

As a privatized company holding a government concession, the Unique company operates Switzerland’s “nationally and internationally renowned traffic hub and meeting place: Zurich Airport.”

An innovative and passenger-friendly airport, it is also an integrated operation in many ways. For example, The “Soul of Chocolate” exhibition was recently installed at the airport. Passengers were able to familiarize themselves with the history, origins, processing and refinement of chocolate, and to sample the immense variety of tastes in the world of chocolate.

In his article “A Unique Brand of Airport,” Urs Brütsch explains in detail the role and importance of marketing an airport in the increasingly competitive airline industry. For travellers, his article is also a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the global airline industry

The Philosophical Traveller wishes to thank Mr. Brütsch for permission to use this article

To read “A Unique Brand of Airport,” click here.

This article opens as a PDF file.

Zurich Airport Intl Airport Review

Photographs courtesy of Unique


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