Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 9, 2009

Climate Change and Travel and Tourism: the St. Moritz Sustainable Model

headphonesymbol50… with Dr. Hans P. Danuser, Managing Director of St. Moritz (“Top of the World”), Switzerland

In October 2008, the World Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers (FIJET) held its annual World Congress in Slovenia. Climate change was a focal issue of the event.

In the world of travel and tourism marketing, Hans Danuser is a virtuoso. He is also, as you will hear at the end of this Travelosophy Talks segment, a virtuoso on the alphorn.

Having served for 30 years as the CEO of one of the world’s most famous and most celebrated resorts, St. Moritz, Switzerland, Dr. Danuser gave his last presentation in this capacity at the FIJET annual Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Dr. Danuser is also a virtuoso when it comes to travel and tourism marketing, especially in terms of branding. As he points out in his presentation, if your brand is unique, authentic, and genuine, the travelling public will identify with it. They will also respect it. But his message about marketing and branding in the travel and tourism industry also suggests an ethical approach to sustainable development. In an age when responsible and sustainable tourism are now global priorities, some marketing strategies and some brands may need “adjustment”. As a role model for proactive sustainable tourism, St. Moritz has always emphasized the effective interaction and integration of people and the environment. Its brand is as fresh as it was 1700 years ago.


Want to know more about St. Moritz and its unique brand? You can also view Dr. Danuser’s slide presentation by clicking here. (This PDF file may take a few minutes to open. Travelosophy wishes to thanks Dr. Danuser for permission to use this material.)

To visit the St. Moritz website, click here.

To discover why St. Moritz has been a unique natural pilgrimage spot, click here. click here.



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