Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 9, 2009

Bonnie and Bill Neely’s Excellent Adventure in China


…Chatting with Bonnie Neely About China

On the road to the heart of China

“… our trip far exceeded anything we had imagined.”

As you will hear in my chat with Bonnie Neely, their pre-Olympics trip to China was an overwhelming success; and you will learn why.

For starters, Bonnie and Bill (well Bill actually) chose to plan their itinerary with a Chinese tour operator as opposed to a North American one and, as Bonnie explains, everything was very much to their liking — and far less expensive than an American-built trip.

Where did they go?

Below you will find an overview of Bonnie and Bill’s itinerary.

Hong Kong


Kunming (Yunnan province)

Xian (Shanxi province)

Chongqing (and the Yangtze River Cruise, which included the city of Yichang on the Yangtze and the Three Gorges Dam)




Bonnie and Bill chose to plan their trip using the Chinese tour company Travel China Guide.

Visit the offical website of the China National Tourist Office.


… at

Three Wonderful Weeks in China by Bonnie & Bill Neely.

Photos courtesy of and copyright of Bonnie and Bill Neely

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