Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 6, 2009

Jeroen Bechtold: A Dutch Ceramist in China, Australia … and Red Deer!


Chatting again with Jeroen…

To hear this podcast, click on the audio button above.

The Universal Medium of Ceramics

Jeroen Bechtold is a much travelled artist, both literally and figuratively. He is also a well-known and award-winning Dutch ceramist who teaches and communicates his vision to students around the world.

I first encountered Jeroen — virtually — when I was exploring the Internet in search of an artist residing in Amsterdam who, in my view, represented not only contemporary themes and concepts in art but also that unique sense of time and timelessness that great art conveys.

I subsequently encountered the man himself in his studio-shop on a small street near the Leidensplein in Amsterdam. Over a bottle of red wine, we seemed to touch on an endless number of issues.

The result of that first encounter with Jeroen was the multimedia narrative The Virtual and Other Realities of Jeroen Bechtold, which you can find on this site.

Jeroen has travelled and worked all over the world in some very special destinations and in some very special situations; most recently in China, Australia — and Red Deer! Yes Red Deer, a Canadian city in the province of Alberta surrounded by aspens and the rolling prairie hills.

I reached Jeroen at his studio in Amsterdam.

A medley of Jeroen’s works and images of China

To view a slideshow of some of Jeroen’s ceramics and of his time in China click here


Jeroen Bechtold’s Website

Zuziazjiao (Shanghai County)

The Australian National University School of Art

Red Deer College Visual Art Program

Jeroen is also the webmaster for the Dutch Ceramists Association

Recommended reading

As per Jeroen’s suggestion:

The Arcanum: The Extraordinary True Story, by Janet Gleeson

“Since the middle ages, Western Europeans have practiced alchemy, a primitive form of chemistry, in the great hope of transforming base metal into gold. In the early 18th century, a second great secret puzzled Western Europe’s early scientists: how to make porcelain. Recently arrived from the Orient, porcelain quickly became a symbol of power, prestige, and good taste. In The Arcanum, Janet Gleeson presents an entertaining and informative account of the invention of European porcelain and the founding of the Meissen Porcelain Manufacture outside Dresden, Germany.” — review

All photos in this article are the copyright of Jeroen Bechtold. The two principal images of the art works on this page are, as promised by Jeroen, fresh out of the kiln.

More …

See a video of Jeroen’s latest works by clicking on the preceding link.

See a video of Jeroen’s latest works by clicking on the preceding link.

And see his workshop video on Ceramics!

Jeroen is a very amusing man.


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