Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 3, 2009

The New Interconnected, Electronic, and Sustainable World of Travel Public Relations, with Siobhan Kindness

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The public education component of the travel industry

Having been one myself for 32 years, I often say that not all teachers are in classrooms. And as a travel journalist, I now have the opportunity to interact with many individuals, destinations, travel suppliers, and travel-related companies who in my opinion are indeed public educators. However, I suspect that many of them would not see themselves as fulfilling that role. But in the 21st century the walls of the global classroom have either fallen down, been pushed way back, or have become permeable membranes through which universal principles, concepts, and human knowledge can flow freely.

All educators today also recognize that we are living in a world where transferrable and comprehensive skills are even more critical than ever before. The key skill of any teacher is that of communicator; but communication is a two-way street. Really good teachers not only communicate essential and substantial information, but they are also able to define and anticipate the needs of their “clients.”

The public relations partnership in the world of travel

Managing the almost limitless flow of information may well be one of our greatest challenges in the 21st century; and that is why we need experts of all kinds who can help us define, assess, plan, and access the resources we need. And if all goes well — or according to a well thought-out strategic plan — a dialogue will occur between an organization and its diverse publics.

How tionLondon facilitates dialogue

In this Travelosophy Talks segment, you will learn how this innovative, “boutique” travel PR firm works on behalf of its clients to make the world aware of the unique and specialized products and services of these companies. You will also hear why the travelling public benefits from understanding the belief systems inherent in the operations of each of these featured travel suppliers

tionLondon is also part of a renewed world of sustainable travel that “markets” intercultural awareness in an increasingly diversified travel market, a global industry in which the emphasis increasingly is on respecting and supporting local economies.


Visit tionLondon‘s website

tionLondon is a Filipino company, based in the Philippines.

Visit tionLondon‘s three principal clients:

Acacia Africa

Ranch Rider

Dogstar Beach

Visit tionLondon‘s sister public relations site:

bLinQue London

Crazy About Kenya

Acacia Africa and the Kenya Tourist Board have joined forces to create the new Crazy About Kenya website. Acacia Adventure Holidays’ new initiative aims to generate a positive vibe for the destination through art and hip hop. Many of the artists working on the project are based in Kiberia, one of Nairobi’s biggest slums. Facebook members will be able to share African artwork and music donated to the project in the online community. The tour operator will also be showcasing the latest tracks from their Kenyan partners on relevant overland itineraries, and later in 2008 they will be looking to add Nairobi based hip hop events to selected scheduled tours.

For more information, visit:

The Crazy About Kenya website.

See also

Kenya, African Hip Hop, and Viv McCarthy.


Always on the cutting edge of media relations, Siobhan and friends have recently launched another creative, state-of-the-art public relations endeavour called Funktion. For more information see Funktion.


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