Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 3, 2009

Historic Washington State Park, Arkansas With John Morrow, Interpreter

headphonesymbol509Historic Washington Park, Arkansas with Interpreter John Morrow

As I discovered recently, the state of Arkansas has many wonderful content-rich and in-depth travel experiences. If you are interested especially in history, sociology, heritage travel, the preservation of historic sites — or if you simply enjoy travelling through time, I highly recommend a visit to Washington State Park.

Washington State Park is not just a “pioneer village” suspended in time. As you wil hear from my dialogue with John Morrow who is the Chief Interpreter of the park, it is very much a living town with real inhabitants, cottage industries of various kinds, and people who understand how the past and the present are inseparable. This of course is the essence of historical travel.

Located in a very rich agricultural area of southwest Arkansas, Washington State Park is also very accessible from the capital of Little Rock.

You can take a virtual visit to this very integrated heritage site through its website at:

But when you actually go to Historic Washington State Park, take a luxury mule and carriage ride.


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