Posted by: Bob Fisher | May 3, 2009

Durham, England: A New, Content-rich Travel Hub in the UK


Chatting with Stan Abbott about Durham, England

You heard it here first!

On a recent visit to the North East of England, I discovered not only a travel destination that is a treasure house of history, art, architecture, archeology, nature, and soft adventure (just to mention a few), but I also discovered a wonderful new “hub destination.”

The city I am talking about is Durham, England.

Increasingly travellers are looking for new ways to visit time-honoured destinations; and that all-important (to the travel industry) 50+ demographic is also looking for destinations where they can stay put for some quality time and to live the life of locals.

Durham, one of the most impressive “cathedral cities” in Europe, is also a multi-layered destination in itself as well as a point of departure for exploring the North East of England.

This well-known area of the UK has experienced a kind of renaissance, especially in a post-Margaret Thatcher era, and you will find here great human and natural treasures that include (this is just my short list): Hadrian’s Wall (Stan’s wife Linda is the CEO), Holy Island, Newcastle on Tyne, the Tees Valley, the Bowes Museum … and I could go on and on.

If you haven’t been back to Britain in awhile, this is the time. (Hmmm … maybe I should copyright “Back to Britain” before some worthy tourism office does. Oh, what the hell. They can have it. They deserve it.)

Our Man Stan in the UK

Stan Abbott is founder and Executive Director of Gravity Consulting, a dynamic and eclectic firm in England that specializes (amongst other things) in communications, public relations, and marketing.

A Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Stan is multi-skilled as a writer and journalist, and public relations and marketing consultant.

He began his career in provincial newspapers in England, moving from reporting to sub-editing and design, alongside writing on a variety of subjects for national newspapers and magazines.

Through the 1980s and early 1990s, Stan ran a publishing and design house, specializing in the production of business-to-business and consumer magazines, and commissioning and publishing a range of books.

As Head of Marketing at Gill Airways, he learned how a relatively small regional airline could survive and thrive in the very competitive airline business against such giants as British Airways.

His contacts throughout the North East England business and political community — an increasingly popular destination within the UK — are second to none.

An accomplished crisis manager, with specialist knowledge of the particular needs of the airline industry, his efforts at Gill Airways earned him a CIPR Cream Award for Crisis Management in 1991.

In the course of his diversified career Stan has won a number of awards for his writing, editing and relaunching of publications.

Stan is also the Publisher of e-magazine, the inflight magazine of Eastern Airways.

The latter is one of the new breed of progressive regional airlines that is providing real choices to passengers around the world. In addition to its extensive routes in the UK, Eastern Airways also now flies to Brussels, Belgium and Stavanger, Norway.

If you are looking for alternative routings from the UK to continental Europe, check them out.


Durham City Tourism

2020Vision Durham City Centre

Hadrian’s Wall Country


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